Interactive Whiteboard for Early Childhood

Products Overview  
Donview introduces a multi-touch board which supports a maximum 10 points touch/users. It allows multi-users to share or write on the board simultaneously, without the need to be confined to a certain area.  Users can erase the contents or pictures by fist directly. With Donview’s robust teaching software: equipped with a wealth of tailored teaching tools, teaching resources, simulation experiments of different subjects, Donview now introduces a new exciting method of teaching and learning. 


Multi-touch board 
The board is available for maximum 10 points touch board; allows multi-user to write on the board simultaneously.
Simultaneously writing and erasing
The user can erase the contents by fist directly, by dry eraser or by “hot key”, meanwhile users can write and erase simultaneously.
Ultra-narrow frame
Ultra-narrow aluminum alloy frame to beautify the appearance.
Anti-light interference 
The board can work normally under 30,000 illumination light that ensure a bright classroom for children.
Shortcut key on both sides of board
18 “shortcut keys” on both of left and right side of the board promotes ease of use.
Free driver 
Use HID interface, the user does not need to install the driver.
Environment protecting and prolong the board’s life.
Intelligent power supply for LED light saves electricity and prolongs the board’s life.
When the board is not being used for a while during teaching, the LED light can reduce the emitting infrared light automatically.
Powerful teaching software, tailored various teaching resources.
Donview teaching software equipped with a wealth of teaching tools, teaching resources, and simulation experiments of different subjects; and tailored teaching resources is available for different country.