Electromagnetic series electronic whiteboard


Special designed for education, Donview interactive whiteboard enliven the teaching and learning.
With the variety of functions and abundant class resources in the software, Donview interactive whiteboard helps the teacher to express their ideas vividly and to communicate with the students much more interesting.Donview interactive whiteboard supports double touch, which means that it can support two students to write on the board freely and simultaneously.

Besides, Donview can provide customized solutions for our clients and customers according to their special needs. Considering that our clients and customers come from different countries and regions, we also provide different languages to choose. 


Accurate and fluent writing
With the automatic processing technology in our manufacting base, all of the electromagnetic whiteboard are made in high quality.For  example, the automatic netting machine makes the net of the board much more even than that made by hand, which makes the positioning and writing much more accurate and fluent.

Anti-glare, long-time use, safe, and environment-friendly.
The board surface is laminated with matte white polymer PET film by automatic machine, which makes the board surface anti-glare from projectors, sunlight and other strong light from lamps. Meanwhile the board support to write 200,000 times with high response, which is  tested by “ Pony Testing International Group”.


Many tests guarantee the boards strong and tolerant of hard enviroments 
When produced, the boards have gone through test of high temperature, low temperature, recycle of high and low temperature, vibration, drop, humidity test and other tests which ensure them withstand long-distance transportation in different enviroments such as on the sea, on the land or by air, and tolerant when using in various climatic enviroments.

Easy-matainence, the main PCB part is special designed at the back of board,which ensures the user to replace the mainpart easily in several minutes without need to uninstall the board from wall or mobile stand.
Aluminum frame with pecial technology avoid fringerprint 
The special technology on aluminum frame will not keep fingerprint,neither does it keep marks from some careless friction, which allows the board always clean.

Brackets keep the installation firm
High quality brackets ensure that the board stays on the wall or mobile stand firm..

Two users board
The board allows 2 users to write on the board surface at the same time freely.

User-friendly designed pen makes it comfortable to write
The length, round circle and pen point  of the pen is specially designed, which ensures the users to write comfortably on the board surface without feeling tired.


266棋牌Donview user-friendly pen



Normal pen will makes the user feel tired after long-time of writing


Eraser and mouse function on the pen simplifies the function
The user can erase the contents or pictures just by using the pen, without finding the erase icon on the software.